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Jan 27, 2014
Stan and MeWhat a Catch!: The ‘Big Bang Theory’
News after my house blew up with me in it!!!! Read what has been going on in the recent events in my life in this guest article on Women's Outdoor News. Read it here

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Land of Silver In Search of Gold

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Yucatan Fiesta

The title of the show, Yucatan Fiesta, is telling. Set in the Sian Kian Biosphere, this show celebrates the Mexican culture – everything from the tight slacks worn by the mariachi band, homemade ice cream to the gastronomic delight of authentic Mexican cuisine.
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What a Catch!

Kathryn is a unique fisher-woman, she is beautiful but also a professional angler who travels around the world to find the best locations for catching exotic fish. Her fishing tv show, What a Catch! follows her adventures. Although she is an expert at fly fishing, she is adept at using conventional gear and methods for catching fish. While Kathryn travels the world, What a Catch! is produced and edited in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you are interested in videos featuring how to catch Atlantic Salmon, Taimen, Bonefish, Peacock Bass, Lakers, Steelhead, Mahseer, Catfish, Trout, Pike, Sailfish, Golden Dorado, Giant Trevally, Grayling, Rooster Fish, Rainbow Bass, Brook Trout and more, you are at the right fishing web site.

Kathryn's travels have taken her to South Africa, Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Iceland, the Northwest Territories, Japan, Greenland and many more exotic fishing travel destinations.

Watch fishing video highlights from her fishing adventures on, find tv show times and networks. Find out the latest news from Kathryn and stay in touch with her through her blog, facebook, youtube and twitter.

Did you know that Kathryn has a line of clothing "for a woman at work in the outdoors"? Grab a coffee and visit the What a Catch online fishing store and magazine. While the online store features outdoor clothing for women that fish, there are also What a Catch! fishing show episodes on DVD, hats, t-shirts and more.