Series 1 / Wading for Boom Box Bones / The Bahamas / Bonefish

Itís not a big secret that Kathryn loves to fish in the Bahamas and over the years she has made some good friends on Andros island. The abundance and variety of Snapper that are readily found in these waters make it possible for a catch and release angler to enjoy a shore lunch. It is important to know the water quality and whether or not the fish population in an area can sustain a harvest before taking one for the table (you should only take what you can eat). In this show, Kathryn and her fishing buddies work up an appetite after a day fly fishing for bonefish. They decide to catch their lunch in the traditional Bahamian way, handlining. Out comes the rod iron skillet, limes and spices. Who gets stuck with the chore of cleaning the fish?