Series 1 / Things That Fly / Costa Rica / Sailfish

Located near the Panamanian border on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, the lush tropical jungle that borders the Golfo Dulce is replaced by crashing surf, diving pelicans, breaching whales and of course the greatest sport fish of all time, "the Sailfish". Their average length is 6 feet, although they can reach an impressive 10 feet. Many sources believe that the sailfish is the fastest fish, capable of swimming in bursts of 70 mph. This show, with its larger than life opener, tells the story of the highs and lows that an angler experiences in pursuit of their quarry. Kathryn experiences heaven and hell and does a lot of praying along the way. In the end, her prayers are answered with a sailfish over 9 feet long that weighs more than she does.