Series 2 / These Boots are Made for Fishn' / Ireland / Pike

Not to say that Kathryn has never experienced frustration, dissatisfaction, or that sinking feeling of ‘the one that got away,’ but for her, fishing can deliver more than just a tug on your line. She exhibits this on a trip to Ireland when she is forced to endure poor fishing conditions. “It is St. Patty’s Day weekend and a late spring is upon us. The weather flip-flops back and forth between hail and snow, and as a result, the fish are frozen like statues on the bottom, not feeding.” It is on this trip that she discovers first-hand that the Irish make wonderful wool sweaters! She layers on 4 or 5 in various hues reminiscent of her natural surroundings (purple and greens like the heather on the hillsides). Even though the fishing is slow, the picturesque landscape and good company more than make up for it (plus, her gillie is more than willing to share his flask!). Remaining optimistic, Kathryn takes the opportunity to appreciate her majestic surroundings. Amidst new-born baby lambs that dot the landscape, she observes the ancient stone architecture, and can’t help but notice the striking juxtaposition between the old Ireland and the new signs of life interspersed throughout.