Series 1 / The Leaper's Journey Home / Nova Scotia / Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) is, and has for centuries been, among the world’s most highly prized gamefish. Pursuit with rod and reel of this fish dates back to at least the 15th century. The Leaper’s greatest appeal? The reel screaming action, of course! So many acrobatic Salmon have just made the swim 7 miles from the ocean up the river. The tawny water and stunning palette of fall foliage mark the coming of Autumn in the Maritimes – the ideal setting for Kathryn to enjoy the week on the historic Margaree River, armed with hot cocoa, fresh lobster and one lucky White Muddler! This trip proves that for both man and animal, life is all about the journey. Kathryn and the Atlantic Salmon are en route to their home waters – Kathryn is heading back to her “home river” while the fish are returning from Greenland to their natal river in search of spawning grounds. Often referred to as ‘the fish of ten thousand casts’, the patience and perseverance that is required for Atlantic Salmon fishing is truly tested when Kathryn has one last day on the water before her license expires – and she wants to catch a big one!