Series 2 / Braided Bounty in Brazil / Brazil / Peacock Bass

Kathryn arrives in Brazil looking as civilized as ever, but it doesn’t take long before she undergoes a series of transformations as a result of the wild jungle. She paints her face to mimic the patterns of the three varieties of peacock bass found in the Agua Boa River – the butterfly, spotted and temensis. Despite its name, the peacock bass is not related to the largemouth bass of North America; instead, they are cichlids, a huge family of fish species common in Latin America and Africa. Another myth that ought to be dispelled is that the jungle is a dangerous place to visit. In reality, the dark water rivers are a very safe region in the Amazon; tropical diseases are nearly non-existent and the region is free of biting insects. The only thing you should worry about are stingrays, so when wading in the river, shuffle your feet instead of stepping.