Series 3 / "Pike" - Wolf of the North / NWT / Pike, Lakers

With 48 primarily freshwater fish species inhabiting one of the largest rivers in North America, thousands of lakes and a large coastal area (including the Arctic islands), there is no shortage of fishing opportunities in the Northwest Territories. The Northwest Territories’ territorial fish, the Arctic Grayling, spends most of its time feeding underneath the waters on the larval stage of a bug’s life. Kathryn appreciates the iridescent sail, the airplane wing shape and elegant little mouth of this fish. In stark contrast, the Northern Pike (“the wolf of the north”) is a voracious predator, well known to attack almost anything alive, including small muskrats, ducklings, loon chicks, mice and nearly any smaller fish in the lake. From May to June, the NWT is “the Land of the Midnight Sun,” with some regions getting as much as 24 hours of daylight. One of the biggest attractions is the long summer days – those extra hours of daylight in which to enjoy all that there is to see and do in the Arctic, including the opportunity to fish throughout the night!