Series 4 / India / India / Mahseer

After an eighteen hour flight from Toronto, a sixteen hour car ride on the Grand Trunk Highway going north toward Kashmir, and a two hour hike along a narrow mountain path carved out over centuries by animals’ previous tracks, the mountain air fragrant with lavender and the chorus of song birds that welcomes Kathryn’s arrival into the Himalayas provides her with a much-needed sense of calm. It is harvest time on the mountain and fresh grain is being harvested; the chaff removed by the air as the local men sieve the baskets of wheat and launch the grain in the air. Amidst this tranquil scene, however, something is lurking in the shadows… the Mighty Mahaseer (or Barbus tor putitora) – the biggest freshwater fish in the world, renowned as the hardest fighting river species on the planet! Catching the storied Himalayan Mahaseer on a fly is truly a remarkable feat that gives bragging rights to even the most modest angler.