Series 1 / The Good Doctor / Nicaragua / Rainbow Bass

Kathryn and Doctor Lopez travel inland waters of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua in pursuit of a variety of local fish. Doctor Lopez uses conventional gear while Kathryn tries to thread the needle with buggy imitations with her fly rod in the jungle of the Mosquito Coast. Doctor Lopez cautions Kathryn not to pull to vigorously on her fly when trying to dislodge it from the overhanging vegetation. Itís not uncommon to get back more than you bargained for, ie. a snake. Catch and release can be a rush in these Piranha filled waters, nevertheless it is a chance to explore new and un-fished waters in a forgotten part of Central America. Not to be missed! Home What a Catch is a Proud Supporter of Casting for Recovery of Canada © What a Catch! Contact Us @ What a Catch! Productions, 230 Walmer Road, Toronto, ON. Canada M5R 3R7