Series 4 / Seasons / Canada / Multi-species

Every lesson that life has to offer, Kathryn has learned on the water. She can tell a lot about a person by how they handle the fish; if they are kind and loving or if they are patient. The seasons on the river mirror the seasons of our lives. The Spring is a time of renewel, a time of plenty, and Kathryn celebrates this by fishing for Brook Trout as they gorge on the mayfly hatch. Summer is a time for play and there is nothing more playful than a Smallmouth Bass. The Fall is harvest time and the Randy Jacks are a formidable hunter. Winter is a time for quiet, but there is much going on under the blanket of ice. When Spring comes around again Kathryn can only hope that the winter has been kind and that old friends both above water and below the water will meet again at the river bank to start the cycle anew.