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Spring 2006
What a Catch is the first ever travel adventure show in the fishing genre to be shot in High Definition.

Series 2 is airing on OLN USA and OLN Canada. Be sure to tune in then and see the great advertures Kathryn has taken during the winter.
March 22, 2006
Anton McNulty of The Mayo News in Ireland wrote a piece on Kathryn and What a Catch called Canadian Film Crew Focus on Fishing in the West.
A Canadian film crew from one of the most popular wildlife channels in North America was in Westport last week where they began a week's filming on fly fishing in Ireland, for a forthcoming series.

The television show 'What a Catch' has over 67 million viewers on the Outdoor Life Network across North America.

The host of the show, Kathryn Maroun, decided to make the show after meeting with Dr Ken Whelan from the Irish Marine Institute on a fishing trip in Norway. She was interested in making a film on pike fishing and he suggested to her to come to Ireland.

They made contact with Brian Quinn from Ireland West and Orla Woods from Failte Ireland and with their help they put a plan together for the programme. They arranged to start the programme in Westport, which, it is hoped, will benefit the angling industry in the west.

Ray Sheehan from Hewetson Fishing tackle shop in Westport offered his facilities for the anglers to collect gear for the fishing, and he told The Mayo News last Wednesday that he was excited about the show.

"We are very lucky to have Kathryn and her crew here. This is the first show in Europe and we are hopeful that they will use two episodes [on Ireland] for the new series," he said.

Fly fishing is becoming a huge sport around the world and is already very popular in the west of Ireland with anglers coming from far and wide to fish the world famous River Moy and Lough Conn. Dr Whelan feels that the show will bring additional interest and a new market for the sport.

"People associate Ireland with salmon and trout, but there is real quality here for pike fishing. We were looking at the records and some of the crew who fish never heard of Ireland as a pike fishing destination. They were overwhelmed when they saw the size and weight which are around 20-30 lbs."

Kathryn Maroun has been fishing all over the world for her show but didn't realize how big pike fishing was in Ireland. She told The Mayo News that people would be smart to come to Ireland and she would definitely come back to Westport in the near future.

"We are truly lucky to come here. I didn't realize how big pike fishing was in Ireland. Everyone knows about salmon and trout," she explained.

Kathryn had nothing but praise for Westport and her visit so far to Ireland. This was her fist trip to Ireland and she said she had never enjoyed herself so much. "I expected this place to be lush and scenic but I didn't expect the fabulous food. I knew people were cheerful and friendly but the hospitality on the streets is a big factor in making people so welcome," she said.
March 26, 2006
Kathryn was involved in a Trout Unlimited fundraising dinner.
March 31, 2006
America's Most Popular Receational Sport Goes to Extreme Wilderness with Thrilling Television Series Debut
Top North American Fly Fisher Brings Breathtaking Adventures to the Airwaves
July 2006
Kathryn is a repeat guest on the NEIO Radio Show in the US. Don't miss Kathryn on the Northeast Iowa s AM 1650, "The Fan", on July 3rd and 4th.
September 2006
GAFF Magazine published an article about Kathryn.
December 2006
What a Catch is delignted to be part of the A-Channel family. First show airs Sunday December 18th. Be sure to check it out!
July, 2002 - Toronto, Ontario - Kathryn Maroun, one of Canada's top fly fishers, returned home recently after a strong showing at this year's World Fly Fishing Championships held in the Montagne Vosgienne region of France. Kathryn was one of only three women competing in this year's event.

Kathryn Maroun is one of only three women in Canada, and the only woman in Ontario, certified by the Fly Fishing Federation (FFF) to teach the sport and casting techniques. She travels extensively to fishing destinations around the world, and has given numerous talk at fishing and conservation forums on the sport and the importance of "catch and release" practices. She is a National Director of Trout Unlimited Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Canada's coldwater resources. This was her first time representing Canada at the World Championships.

"Fly fishing is one of the only sports in the world where men and women can compete together at a National and International level. I was very proud to represent my country, and I hope to see more women participating in next year's competition," Ms. Maroun commented.

The competition, begun in 1981, is organized by the Federation Internationale de Peche Sportiv Mouch (FIPS Mouch) and has become the premier event for master fly fishers from around the world. For three days beginning July 3, 2002 more than 2,500 spectators avidly followed competitors from 21 countries as they converged on the lakes and rivers of the picturesque Vosges et du Haut-Rhin region near the border between France and Switzerland. Each team, made up of six fly fishers, tested their skills to determine who could catch and release the largest number of trout and grayling in a three-hour period in each of three different rivers and a lake over the three days of competition. This year, the championship was won by France for the third consecutive time, while Canada placed seventeenth.

"This was the most physically demanding and exciting fishing I have ever done, and what I learned at the competition would have taken me years to gather on my own. The championships have also exposed this wonderful sport to a much wider audience while at the same time providing valuable lessons in conservation and catch and release practices. I hope we will see the competition come to Canada in the near future," she concluded.

The 2003 competition will be held in Spain next June. More details about this year's competition can be found www.mondialmouche2002.com.

For more information, please contact Kathryn Maroun at (416) 347-7000 or e-mail her at kmaroun@rogers.com. Additional information and pictures are available at www.whatacatch.ca.